Ballet Fantastique

Young Dancer Program

Overview & Class Offerings

black and white photo of ballerina

Photo: Jerry Gowins

Ballet Fantastique’s one-of-a-kind classes for children ages 2-9 teach children to express ideas and concepts through the wonderful language of dance while building athleticism, flexibility, coordination, musicality, grace, creativity, and self-confidence!

Class Offerings

black and white photo of ballerina

Our age-appropriate dance syllabus for children uses concepts to which children can relate to introduce movements progressively. Fun musical selections (from Disney to Chopin) advance children's understanding of rhythm and melody. Caring instructors, small classes, and Ballet Fantastique’s professional suspended dance floor nurture and protect children as they develop the foundations of dance technique, social skills, musical understanding, and performance skills! Warning: kids who start dancing with us have been known to put on performances in their home living rooms every day of the week.

“Ballet Fantastique is top-notch, along with attention to detail, first-rate instruction, and that age-appropriate dash of imagination and sparkle!”
-Janna, parent of Anne and Kate, ages 4 and 6