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Professional Division Overview

"In addition to technique, the dancers have something more. It is a very good coordination with the expression, body, and musicality—in Russia we call it 'the feel of the pose.' Ballet Fantastique training is wonderful."
—Dina Fadayeva, Expert Master Teacher, Vaganova Method. Graduate of the Gitis Choreographic Institute, Moscow, Russia

We believe that it's worth the time and effort to teach ballet the right way. Classes in the Academy of Ballet Fantastique’s Professional Training Division (ages 7 and up; Ballet Brilliante ages 7 and up) meet from two to six times per week and boast an incredible 1:10 coach-to-student ratio (waiting lists are available when classes are full). BFan students build a distinctive artistic expression and technical proficiency. Some pursue professional careers; some become educators in the arts, pursuing college degrees in fields such as Dance Pedagogy and Arts Management; some earn scholarships to college; all become lifelong advocates and appreciators of the art form. Our goal is that our dancers LOVE to dance—and are equipped to do it with confidence and clarity, reaching their highest personal potential in this beautiful art form. Whatever your passion, you want to do it to the best of your ability. Our passion is dance.

Quality: A step above. The Academy of Ballet Fantastique's Professional Division offers student dancers an extraordinary opportunity to build technique and artistry—and has drawn summer-study students from across the U.S. Academy of Ballet Fantastique students and graduates have been invited to join nationally recognized training programs and companies. All advanced Professional Division students enjoy prestigious status as Chamber Company Apprentices, performing (and even touring) with the Company throughout the season.

Students Perform

Photos: Woden Photo, Anne Nunn

Philosophy: Hard work pays off. While we are aware that ours is perhaps the most demanding training program in classical dance in this area, we have strong convictions in the recent studies that have shown that students who participate in intensive training programs perform better in their academic studies and in other areas. And ours do!

Method: The Vaganova Syllabus. Some schools don't employ a set training method. At The Academy of Ballet Fantastique, we believe that a proven, progressive syllabus gives our students the clearest technique, the most versatility, and the greatest experience of success—and you can see the difference. Over the past hundred-plus years, the Vaganova Method has trained some of the world's greatest and most well-known dancers, including Anna Pavlova, Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Semionova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, legendary choreographer George Balanchine, and dancers in every respected ballet company in the world. Because Vaganova is more detailed, more intensive, more perfectionist-oriented, dancers who can do Vaganova can do anything (from jazz to Balanchine: you name it!). Our professional coaches teach with fidelity to the Vaganova Syllabus because in our many combined decades of teaching experience, we have seen again and again that it builds the strongest, most confident, injury-free, and artistically-expressive dancers.

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