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Parent participation plays an important role in student success. Ballet Fantastique has an open door policy and parents may contact the Academy office at 541-342-4611 throughout the year with any questions they may have.

Parents are encouraged to attend Parent Observation Days (scheduled monthly in the Young Dancer Program) and Semester Evaluations/Level Exams (scheduled regularly for Professional Division students), and to schedule appointments with Ballet Fantastique instructors or directors at any time to discuss student progress or other issues. Out of our commitment to partner with each of our parents in their child’s training and development, each Ballet Fantastique parent also receives an annual Progress Report for their child.

Please see the The Academy of Ballet Fantastique Calendar » for Parent Observation Days, holidays and other special dates.

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Phone: 541-342-4611

Mailing Address: 960 Oak, Eugene, OR 97401

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City Center for Dance: 960 Oak St., Eugene, OR 97401
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General Information

Providing partial tuition scholarships to students who have financial need, technical and artistic potential, and a strong desire to dance is an integral part of Ballet Fantastique’s non-profit mission to make training and performance programs of the highest artistic caliber available to young people of all ages, backgrounds, and means. Academy students are eligible to apply for Financial Aid. Financial Aid is usually awarded for the full school year (September–August). 

Scholarship candidates are reviewed by the Ballet Fantastique Board of Directors and Artistic Staff on the bases of demonstrated financial need, artistic/technical proficiency, and desire and commitment to Ballet Fantastique’s intensive training programs in classical dance. The deadline for aid applications for the school year is August 10. Applications are reviewed by the Ballet Fantastique Financial Aid/Scholarships Committee; aid awarded is based on varied criteria. Financial Aid recipients must be enrolled in their assigned class level for the full year (September–August), and may be asked to assist with various Academy of Ballet Fantastique projects.

Most often, students are considered for scholarships after a one-month observation period, but exceptions are made in the case of extreme extenuating circumstances.

Scholarship funding is limited, and students who have been training at Ballet Fantastique for a long period of time have priority on scholarship funds. Please note that Financial Aid is not automatically renewed each year, and the awarded amount may vary from year to year, based both upon the amount of aid available and demonstrated student family need, and other varied criteria. Students must reapply by August 10 each year in order to be considered for continued or additional assistance, and must be up-to-date on all reports and paperwork due related to the Financial Aid Award.

All recipients must maintain a 95% or higher class attendance rate. Financial Aid recipients should not exceed their monthly payments on other Academy of Ballet Fantastique services, such as private lessons.

Applying for a scholarship:

Step 1: Eligibility Form

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship through The Academy of Ballet Fantastique, please click here to complete the Eligibility Form.

Step 2: Scholarship Application

Upon completion of the Scholarship Eligibility Form, qualified applicants will receive the Scholarship Application Form via email. All components of the application form must be completed for a scholarship application to be considered. Applicants will be notified of their scholarship award status in writing. Scholarship support is often awarded in the form of work study.

Step 3: Scholarship Recipients

Upon acceptance of a scholarship, students and their parents (if student is under the age of 18) are required to sign and commit to Ballet Fantastique’s Student Scholarship Contract » . Please be sure that you have read, understand, and feel able to commit to these requirements before applying for a BFan scholarship.

Questions or to Contribute

If you have questions about the Ballet Fantastique Scholarship Program, or would like to contribute, please contact us ». All donation amounts are welcome!


Important General Information

The Academy of Ballet Fantastique's Policies have been developed to help create an environment that is safe and nurturing while allowing optimal productivity and focus for both staff and students. Your digital signature verifying your compliance with our policies is logged when you register through our system.


  • New Dancer Folder: For all new students—please request one from your teacher or the front office (office located at 960 Oak)
  • Annual Calendar: Calendar of important dates, holidays and studio closures! Click here for the most up-to-date information
  • Academy of Ballet Fantastique Handbook (and/or Company Handbook, if applicable): For all students (PDF will be emailed to you)
  • Ballet Fantastique Professional Division Program Performance FAQ: For all students (PDF will be emailed to you near performance times)
  • Optional: Ballet Fantastique Information for Parents


What a dancer wears and how he/she presents himself/herself is important. As with any intensive sport, the dance uniform is a required discipline and also allows the teacher to easily see what each student is doing, as well as how the group is moving together. Each class has a specific uniform that the dancers are required to wear. Students at all levels and in all classes must conform to official class attire policy in order to participate in classes and rehearsals.

Click here for full Uniform Guidelines