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Barbara Lima, “Babi,”  was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Babi graduated from Angel Vianna University, one of the most acclaimed dance schools in Brazil, in 2009. In her dance research, she has studied and immersed herself in the worlds of Hip Hop, Contemporary, Dancehall and Krump. She is a respected dancer and teacher in Brazil.

After four years spent dancing for the contemporary company, Grupo Tapias, and traveling with them throughout Brazil, France and Italy, she joined the contemporary/hip hop company, Grupo de Rua (also known as GRN) run by artistic director, Bruno Beltrão. GRN is considered one of the best dance companies world wide, recognized for their unique style and their innovative mixing of contemporary dance and urban dance forms. They have received compliments from famous choreographers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Pina Baush and William Forsythe.

Barbara was part of the professional dance team during the Olympics in 2016 in Brazil and one of the entertainment leaders during the games at the Volleyball arena. Currently she has a dance collective, bridging body awareness, movement, multimedia performance and artistic collaborations called ELa FaLa, which means, She Speaks, in Portuguese.

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