Pre-Professional Training Division

"In addition to technique, the dancers have something more. It is a very good coordination with the expression, body, and musicality—in Russia we call it 'the feel of the pose.' Ballet Fantastique training is wonderful."
—Dina Fadayeva, Expert Master Teacher, Vaganova Method. Graduate of the Gitis Choreographic Institute, Moscow, Russia

academy of ballet fantastique student, lindsey wingard (age 13) photo: gustavo ramirez

academy of ballet fantastique student, lindsey wingard (age 13) photo: gustavo ramirez

Top-notch training in an encouraging and professional atmosphere. Dance classes at the Academy of Ballet Fantastique Pre-Professional Training Division involve five to thirteen classes per week and boast an incredible 1:12 coach-to-student ratio between students and our incredible professional coaches. BFan students build a distinctive artistic expression and technical proficiency. Our goal is that our dancers are equipped to do it with confidence and clarity, reaching their highest personal potential in this beautiful art form. Academy of Ballet Fantastique students enjoy the opportunity to enrich their lives through dance while developing grace, poise, mental and physical discipline as well as an appreciation and awareness of the arts.

Association with the Ballet Fantastique professional company. The Academy of Ballet Fantastique offers serious student dancers an extraordinary opportunity to build technique and artistry. Advanced Professional Training Division students are invited to audition to perform with the Company throughout Ballet Fantastique's Resident Company Hult Center season, as well as participating in extensive performances across our city. Academy of Ballet Fantastique dancers receive performance opportunities and a strong connection to the Ballet Fantastique professional company. The Academy of Ballet Fantastique is also a Resident Company of the beautiful Wildish Theater, where the school performs four times annually.

Curriculum. The Academy of Ballet Fantastique's curriculum explicitly follows the international Vaganova teaching syllabus. The Academy of Ballet Fantastique uses a proven, progressive syllabus which gives our students the clearest technique, the most versatility, and the greatest experience of success. Over the past hundred-plus years, the Vaganova Method has trained some of the world's greatest and most well-known dancers, including Svetlana Zakharova and Mikhail Baryshnikov, legendary choreographer George Balanchine (founder of New York City Ballet), and dancers in every respected ballet company in the world. Our professional coaches teach with fidelity to the Vaganova Syllabus because it builds the strongest, most confident, injury-free, and artistically-expressive dancers. Our Professional Training Division dancers also participate in a full range of Pointe or Men's Conditioning, Contemporary Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Character Ballet courses to develop powerfully well-rounded experience.

Courses/Class Schedule

See pages 19-20 for pre-professional level options


Ballet Fantastique's tuition has been carefully calculated to be highly competitive with other training programs both in our city and across the country. Academy of Ballet Fantastique students receive exceptional additional value in the form of BFan's limited class sizes, which ensure that each dancer can accelerate at his/her fastest learning pace (lower student to teacher ratio = more learning time = more focused progress).


Uniform Guidelines

What a dancer wears and how he/she presents himself/herself is important. As with any intensive sport, the dance uniform is a required discipline and also allows the teacher to easily see what each student is doing, as well as how the group is moving together. Each class has a specific uniform that the dancers are required to wear. Students at all levels and in all classes must conform to official class attire policy in order to participate in classes and rehearsals.

BFan's classes are fun, motivated, and inspiring. (photo: stephanie urso)

BFan's classes are fun, motivated, and inspiring. (photo: stephanie urso)

“Our daughter has been dancing at Ballet Fantastique for 8 years and absolutely loves it. When she was 6 years old, she informed us that she was ready to move on from her current dance classes to do “real ballet.” The day she met her BFan teachers and tried a few classes, she knew that this was where she wanted to dance. We knew this place was special. Each of the instructors foster a creative and challenging learning environment, which has allowed our daughter to really blossom as a young artist. Her passion for dance is fueled at BFan and we can’t wait to see where she will go from here. Thank you to all the staff at Ballet Fantastique for your dedication. You guys rock!”
— Parents of Delancey, age 15