MEET THE DANCERS: Katherine Chang, Senior Apprentice

Originally from Canada, Katherine started her dance training at age 15 at The Scottsdale School of Ballet in Arizona. Katherine then moved back to Canada and continued her training at the International School of Ballet, where she had the opportunity to perform soloist roles such as Lead Marzipan, Columbine Doll, Snow Soloist, and Flower Soloist in The Nutcracker. In 2015, Katherine was accepted into the The School of Alberta Ballet Summer Intensive, where she was then invited to attend their year-round Professional Division training program. In 2016, she was accepted into Victoria Academy of Ballet Post-Secondary Bridge Program, a two-year post graduate diploma program in Victoria, BC, Canada. During her two years at VAB, Katherine had the opportunity to work with various guest teachers and choreographers, including Jorden Morris, Artistic Director of Citie Ballet in Edmonton, Canada, as well as John Alleyne, former Artistic Director of Ballet BC, and Christopher Anderson, Associate Artistic Director of Alberta Ballet. Katherine participated in many dance galas and festivals while training at VAB, including an ensemble piece chosen for the YAGP Seattle semi-finals, where she was part of the group winning first place as well as Outstanding School Award. In May 2018, Katherine was chosen as one of eight dancers to rehearse and perform alongside professional dancers of Ballet Kelowna in John Alleyne’s original ballet, A Streetcar Named Desire. Katherine graduated the two-year bridge program at VAB in May 2018 alongside five of her fellow classmates. This is her first season as a Senior Apprentice with Ballet Fantastique.


Q&A with Katherine Chang

Why you're with Ballet Fantastique?

Because of the original choreography and the style of dancing that Ballet Fantastique is known for.


Three favorite things?

Hanging out at cute cafes with friends, exploring the outdoors (going on hikes or going to the beach), and cats.


Favorite classical ballet?

Giselle or Sleeping Beauty


Favorite contemporary choreographer?

Wayne McGregor


Performance inspiration?

The feeling you get when you’re on stage and being able to share this artform and all the hard work we put in along with the passion we have for dance with the audience.


Where are you in 10 years?

Hopefully still dancing, if not probably teaching.


Favorite article of clothing?

Sweatpants! They are just big and baggy.


Dogs or cats?



If not dancing, what?

Paleontology, because when I was younger I really liked dinosaurs and studying fossils.


Favorite spot in Eugene?

There is a coffee shop called Coffee Plant Roasters, they’re pretty good.


Best vacation ever?

Hawaii! We walked around, lounged on the beach and went on hikes!

Favorite super villain?

Killmonger from Black Panther

What does it mean to you to change the look of dance?

For me, I feel like as the world is continuing to evolve and change, it is important for the dance world to also be evolving and changing, instead of being “stuck” in a certain style or way of things, if that makes any sense? 

I feel like its important to explore and expand to all the different parts of dance, like keeping the creativity and imagination alive. To break the boundaries if you will.

Also in this day and age I feel like diversity is so important. Like it doesn’t matter what your background is or how tall or short you are, or how much you weigh, or how old you started dancing, it should matter the passion and the joy towards dance that the person has, like dance is such a beautiful thing to both watch and experience in my opinion, and I feel like everyone should be able to experience and express that.

See Katherine's bio page on the BFan website!

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