MEET THE DANCERS: Sophia MacMillan, Company Corps

Sophia began her dance training under the direction of Elizabeth Godfrey at the Berkeley City Ballet School in Berkeley, California. In 2014, she moved to New York as per her enrollment in the Conservatory of Dance at the State University of New York at Purchase College. At SUNY Purchase, Sophia had the privilege to perform in Balanchine’s Four Temperaments as the third theme, in Concerto Barocco as the principal female dancer, and also performed in works by up-and-coming choreographers including Michelle Thompson-Ulerich and Stuart Loungeway. Sophia graduated from SUNY Purchase in spring 2018 and is thrilled to join Ballet Fantastique. Sophia loves challenging her boundaries by exploring vulnerability and artistry through her dance.


Q & A with Sophia

What do you do on your days off or in your free time?

I like to be outside… I don’t really like being home so I try not to be.

What inspires you to perform?

I think that as a performer you have the ability to tell stories and convey ideas that you don’t necessarily have words for and you’re able to evoke some sort of reaction from the audience.

Favorite superhero?


Favorite/most comfortable article of clothing you like to wear?

Probably a large scarf that doubles as a blanket.

If you weren’t a dancer right now, what would you be doing?

I probably would be an activist or some sort of full time biologist activist.

What are you most looking forward to in working with BFan?

Learning a lot of new things, and doing stories. It’s very different from everything else I’ve ever done and it’s fun and exciting.

What does it mean to you as a dancer to change the look of dance?

I think that the look of dance is always changing. Everything outside of dance is constantly evolving and changing which influences dance.