The Academy of Ballet Fantastique seeks serious dancers who demonstrate great passion, along with focus and stamina. Our experienced, friendly instructors will take the time to meet with you personally to assess your personal background and goals for dance, and then to tailor the best training plan and class fit for you!

The Academy of Ballet Fantastique accepts Professional Training Division dancers year round for our School Year Program and each spring for our Summer Intensive Program. Placement is determined by audition. After your trial class, we'll take the time to personally meet with you to discuss your background and goals. We can't wait to work with you!

Please contact us today to schedule your dancer's personal interview at the Academy of Ballet Fantastique, or send a DVD audition (see below).

In recruiting dancers, we look for:

  • Quality and clarity of previous ballet training
  • A high level of talent—defined by physical ability, movement quality, musical sense, strong commitment, and a high level of dedication to artistry
  • Physical attributes, such as structure, proportion, flexibility, body line, turn out, extension, and coordination

Auditioning in Person

Please bring your completed Ballet Fantastique Audition Form with you to your Placement Class (you may also complete the form at the studio). The fee for the Audition Placement Class is $15 ($20 for Apprenticeship Fellowship Program) and is non-refundable. (Upon enrollment, this fee will be applied towards your annual Registration Fee.) After the audition class, Artistic Director Donna Marisa Bontrager or the Ballet Fantastique instructor will take time to meet with you (and parents, if you wish) in a registration interview, learning about your experiences and goals with dance. This informal meeting provides an opportunity to talk about the best training match and a chance for you to get to know us and ask questions, and sets the basis for the strong dancer-parent-coach relationship that Academy of Ballet Fantastique is known for.

Contact us today to schedule your audition–we can't wait to meet you!


Photo: Sven Bannuschler

Auditioning by DVD (out-of-area applicants)

Out-of-area applicants seeking placement in Ballet Andante or higher levels of our Professional Training Program should mail the Academy of Ballet Fantastique Audition Form along with a full body photo of the dancer in 1st position en face (dancers with no prior ballet experience should contact us for further instructions, and we'll be happy to help!).

Dancers auditioning for the Professional Division (Allegro and up) in our Professional Training Program should mail the Academy of Ballet Fantastique Audition Form (above), the $20 DVD Audition Fee, and a 20-minute DVD that includes:

  • Basic barre and center work, including adagio, pirouettes, petit allegro, and grande allegro, set to classroom music.
  • A short variation, if available.

As always, please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you to reach your goals as a dancer!