BFan would not exist without the contribution of thousands of hours of volunteer support from incredible supporters here in our community and around the globe. Find out how you can make a difference, helping us out with costuming, set design and construction, administration, special events, and more.

Events, Committees, and More

  • Click here to get tickets to an upcoming Benefit Event (e.g., Gala Masquerade, Cooking with the Choreographers, etc.)

  • Contact us to express interest in joining a Committee or Ballet Fantastique’s Young Professionals Board

  • Contact us if your business would like information about program advertisement opportunities or is able to make an in-kind donation to our silent auction. We'd love to talk with you more!

Resources for our Volunteers


Join Ballet Fantastique’s internship program! We offer internships tailored toward students’ personal learning goals in PR, Events, Development, and Arts Marketing. Undergraduate and graduate internships are available. All internships are non-paid. As an intern for Ballet Fantastique, you will be assigned a specific project area (e.g., Events Coordination or Marketing) with a timeline for upcoming projects that you will assume responsibility for (with help and mentorship along the way, of course!). This means that you have real experience for your resume; it also means that we are counting on you to accomplish real work in the field effectively. Our goal throughout the internship experience is to grow our exciting organization while giving you a meaningful professional experience in which you play a true role and have a true voice. We believe that we can accomplish both at the same time! Ballet Fantastique's intern alumni are now working with arts organizations all over the world. Credit may be available through your school's program if you'd like to work with us for credit. You will need access to a home or school computer with MS Office and internet. Access to the Adobe Creative Suite (In Design, Photoshop) is also recommended, but not required.

Applying for an Internship

Ballet Fantastique's intern application process is competitive, and we look for candidates who are passionate, creative, self-directed, good communicators, and very reliable and professional. If you are interested in becoming part of Ballet Fantastique’s intern team, please email us the following application information:

  • Cover letter: Tell us about you. Be sure to include why you want to work with Ballet Fantastique, the internship start and finish dates that you prefer (e.g., Summer, School Year), your availability and how many hours per week you are available to work during that time, and past experiences you think equip you to be a strong candidate for our intern team.

  • Resume: Education, work, volunteer, leadership, and other internship experience (if available). Be sure to include your contact information (full name, phone, address, email). Also include at least three references. We love to know what you are passionate about, so feel free to include your hobbies, activities, and interests, too. Include your graduation date and area(s) of study.

  • Writing sample: Something you're proud of that shows your ability to communicate effectively. It doesn't have to be long, but be sure that it doesn't have typos.

  • Highly recommended but not required: Design, video production, and/or art sample (something that shows your creative and PR abilities).