Family Volunteer Discount Program


BFan's Volunteer Credit Program gives participating families the opportunity to earn tuition credits, beginning at the Brilliante level.  Essentially, we take the sticker price of tuition (which is highly competitive with any studio across the US), and give our families the chance to volunteer in exchange for a big credit off that sticker price ($200+ each year stays in your pocket).  It's a win-win, since your real work and contributions help reduce BFan's operating costs.

Opting In

All families interested in participating must opt-in to the program. Please note: If we do not receive an opt-in form from you, we will not send you any further information about the program throughout the year, as we do not wish to fill your e-mail inbox with information you aren’t interested in receiving. We understand that some families will not have time to participate, and therefore choose to keep their tuition at the retail/sticker price.If at any time you would like to opt-in, please contact Meredith at  

How It Works

  1. What the program is: This special program is *different* than our Financial Assistance Program. It allows all BFan families who have dancers in levels Brilliante and higher (regardless of financial need/scholarship status) to earn $12-36/month in tuition credit per Pre-Professional Division student (varies by level).

  2. Types of tasks available: Volunteer Program tasks are broad, and can even include donating snacks or water for performances. Academy Registrar Meredith Keith-Chirch will provide participating families with a list of ongoing opportunities at the start of every Academy year as well as upon registration for new families. Additional opportunities may be available during company show weeks. We’re always open to additional suggestions! Email Meredith at NOTE: Advanced students may earn their own volunteer hours by applying to serve as a teaching assistant in a class for younger students or adopting other ongoing tasks around the studios. Areas that often need volunteers include: Front Desk, Facilities, Publicity, Programs, Ushers, Costumes, Backstage, and Stage Crew.  There are no guarantees you will be placed within your preferred selection, but every effort is made to make everyone happy with their volunteer position.

  3. Where to record your hours: Record your hours no later than the 23rd of each month in order to receive your credit in the following month. You can use our easy online reporting form, which will be sent to you. Please note: BFan needs your help to ensure that your hours don’t get lost!  So, YOU are responsible to record your own hours. Thanks for your help with this.

Questions about the Volunteer Program: