Young Dancer Program

Getting Ready for Class

Class and performance tights and shoes are usually in stock at Dancer’s Closet in Eugene (5th and Olive), and most may also be purchased online at

We do recommend calling Dancer’s Closet at 541-868-1708 before visiting to confirm their hours of operation.

Uniform: Girls in ALL Stars Classes

  • LEOTARD: Provided to you, included in your registration fee
    PLEASE NOTE: Tights should be of professional quality, with no holes or runs and should be worn over the feet. No sheer tights or pantyhose, please! (We will share details about special tights requirements for performances near show times.)
  • SHOES: Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers with elastics. 
    PLEASE NOTE: Students are advised to wear street shoes going to and from class to help preserve both the quality of our studio floors and their slippers.
  • HAIR: Pulled back in a bun or other secure style off the neck
  • OPTIONAL: Fitted legwarmers and/or tightly-fitted dance sweater for the winter months; skirts and tutus (pink, white, or black and above the knee only, please—and minimal sparkles help us keep your dancer's attention focused :)

Uniform: Boys in ALL Stars Classes

  • LEOTARD: Provided to you, included in your registration fee
  • TIGHTS: Boys' black dance tights
  • SHOES: Black leather or canvas ballet slippers with elastics
  • SOCKS: White socks

Uniform: Ladies + Gentlemen in Brilliante Classes

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What a dancer wears and how he/she presents himself/herself is important. As with any intensive sport, the dance uniform is a required discipline and also allows the teacher to easily see what each student is doing, as well as how the group is moving together. And as with any performing art, dancers learn presentation through daily practice. Starting at the Brilliante levels, each Academy of Ballet Fantastique class has a specific uniform that the dancers are required to wear. Students at all levels and in all classes must conform to official class attire policy in order to participate in classes and rehearsals.